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UNIDO Field Office in ZIMBABWE

Head of UNIDO Operations in Zimbabwe: Mr. Tichaona MUSHAYANDEBVU, T.Mushayandebvu@unido.org
Address: Block 7, Arundel Office Park
Norfolk Road, Mt. Pleasant
Telephone: +263 4 33883644
FAX: +263 4 728695
E-mail: office.zimbabwe@unido.org

Covered by UNIDO Field Office in SOUTH AFRICA

UNIDO Representative and Director Regional Office: Mr. Mohamed N. EISA, M.Eisa@unido.org
Address: c/o Department Trade and Industry
77 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside
P.O.Box 6541
Pretoria 0001
Telephone: +27 12 3945463
FAX: +27 12 3414283
E-mail: office.southafrica@unido.org
Further Information: http://www.unido.org/office/southafrica