The VEF 2013 is going green!

The Vienna Energy Forum 2013 complied with the criteria of the Austrian Eco-label for Green Meetings and was certified a “Green Event”.

Green passport

Following in the footsteps of other UNIDO initiatives (COP17, GSSD), a green passport was produced giving participants useful tips on how to reduce their ecological footprint during the VEF 2013 and enjoy Vienna in a green way.

Printed materials

The amount of printed material was kept to a minimum to avoid waste. Various background materials were included on USB sticks only. Materials that were distributed as print-outs at the Forum venue were produced in an eco-friendly manner.


The VEF 2013 catering focused on delicious seasonal and regional food. At the Forum itself, information about the origin of the meals was offered. Additionally, we served exclusively fair-trade coffee and encouraged participants to drink Viennese tab water.


In order to become more eco-friendly and for your  convenience  registration confirmation could was also possible in electronic form via mobile phone. 


  • Environmentally compatible, public means of transportation to travel to the event location, or share a car. More here
  • Use a citybike, they can be found all over town and they can be returned to any of the 90 bike stations. The great part is that the first hour of every ride is for free! More information here
  • If you cannot or do not want to do without your car, or if you travel by plane, you can offset your CO2 emissions by means of compensation payments. Make your voluntary contribution here


  • Eco-labeled hotel were recommended (Austrian Eco-label, European Ecolabel, EMAS or others), as highlighted in our list of hotels.
  • Environmentally benign offers of your hotel (change of towels and bed linen only when needed or the like).
  • Turn off all lights, electronic equipment (TV, air condition system, heating, computer etc.) when you leave the hotel room for some time.
  • Reusability = environmental protection: Give preference to drinks served by the glass, meals served on crockery, milk and sugar without individual packaging etc.
  • Did you know that Vienna tab water is spring water from the Northern Calcareous Alps? Give it a try. You can get a refill while you walk the city from the water fountains.

Waste management

  • Dispose of your waste (PET, glass, paper, metal, batteries, etc.) via the separate collection systems provided at the hotel.
  • Use your own writing utensils.