HCFC Phase-Out Management Plan in China

The HCFC Phase-Out Management Plan for the XPS foam sector in China contributes to China’s commitment to phase-out HCFCs in accordance with the agreed phase-out targets and to achieve the freeze and 10% reduction in 2013 and 2015 respectively compared to the 2009/2010 baseline.

UNIDO as the lead agency, in cooperation with the co-implementation agency GIZ as well as the Government of China, represented by MEP/FECO, are committed to carry out the phase out activities within the very limited timeframe. The planned conversion projects within the Sector Plan are exclusively based on the use of two low GWP alternatives, CO2 and hydrocarbons, as a replacement of HCFC blowing agents.

High quality XPS based foam products are required to meet the growing demand for insulation material for the building industry in China. Consequently, the challenge is to satisfy a growing demand and simultaneously, to reduce the use of HCFC based blowing agents dramatically.

For that purpose, the below mentioned project beneficiaries have published procurement plans which are contained in the attachments:

Companies which may have an interest to participate in any upcoming procurement opportunity, or which request clarification on any specific procurement case, are kindly requested to directly contact the relevant contact person indicated in such notice. 

In case of any remaining open questions or issues that are deemed should be brought to the attention of UNIDO kindly contact Chief, Procurement Services, UNIDO at

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