Policy advice

Industrial Policy

Keywords: Industrial Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Public Policy, Barriers.

Industrial Policy and Strategies

Keywords: Industrial Policy; strategy development.

Industrial Structural Change

Keywords: Value Chains, Commodities, Structural Change, Manufacturing.

Industrial Energy Efficiency

Keywords: Industrial Energy Efficiency, Barriers, Energy Conservation, Public Policy, Sustainable Development, Poverty Reduction, Competitiveness, Rebound Effect.

Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Manufacturing Industry in Developing Countries

Keywords: Economic Crisis, Financial Crisis, Industry, Automotive, Textile, Garment, Wind Power, Recovery, Industrial Structure.

Human Capital and Infrastructure for Industrial Development

Keywords: Human Capital, Public Capital, Management, Research and Development, Infrastructure, Industrial Development, Energy.

International Business

Keywords: International Business Trends, Foreign Direct Investment, Policy Instruments, Outsourcing, Multinational Enterprises.


Keywords: South-South Cooperation, Technological Change.

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