Industrial Structural Change

Policy Brief, May 2012

Climbing the Stairways of Development: Structural Change as the Driver of Economic Growth

Promoting Industrial Diversification in Resource Intensive Economies

The Experiences of Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia Regions

Unravelling Manufacturing Development: The Role of Comparative Advantage, Productivity Growth and Country-Specific Conditions

Working Paper 16/2011

Commodities for Industrial Development: Making Linkages Work

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The Global Financial Crisis and the Developing World: Impact on and Implications for the Manufacturing Sector

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Mapping Global Value Chains: Intermediate Goods Trade and Structural Change in the World Economy

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Emerging Patterns of Manufacturing Structural Change

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In Search of General Patterns of Manufacturing Development

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The Impact of Institutions on Structural Change in Manufacturing: The Case of International Trade Regime in Textiles and Clothing

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Structural Change in the World Economy: Main Features and Trends

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Industrial Development and the Dynamics of International Specialization Patterns

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Patterns of Manufacturing Development Revisited

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Structural Change and Sectoral Growth in Selected East Asian Countries

Working Paper 18/2009

Structural Change and Productivity Growth: A Review with Implications for Developing Countries

Working Paper 08/2009

Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the Thai Automotive Industry: From the Perspective of the Interplay between Shocks and the Industrial Structure

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Changing Patterns in Industrial Performance: A UNIDO Competitive Industrial Performance Perspective - Implications for Industrial Development

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Structural Change, Domestic Capabilities and Economic Development

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Explaining Productivity Change in Morocco

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Has Foreign Direct Investment Led to Higher Productivity in sub-Saharan Africa?

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