BIT Technical Working Papers

No. 18: Cluster Development for Pro-Poor Growth: the UNIDO Approach

2010 (32 pages/0.8MB)

No. 17: Global Value Chains, Local Clusters and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Assessment of the Sports Goods Clusters in Sialkot, Pakistan and Jalandhar, India

2009 (109 pages/1.8MB)

No. 16: Better Access to Growth: Mainstreaming Gender in Cluster Development.

2007 (59 pages/613KB)

No. 15: Private Sector Development: The Support Programmes of the Small and Medium Enterprises Branch

2006 (43 pages/1.3Mb)

No. 14: Combining Strengths: Synergies between Cluster Development and Microfinance

2005 (62 pages/1.3Mb)

No. 13: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Development Agenda: Should SMEs Care?

2004 (30 pages/991KB)

No. 12: Malaysian Electronics: At the Crossroads

2003 (86 pages/1.2Mb)

No. 11: Reforming State-Owned Enterprises: Lessons of International Experience, Especially for the Least Developed Countries

2003 (84 pages/1.3Mb)

No. 10: Credit Guarantee Schemes for Small Enterprises: An Effective Instrument to Promote Private Sector-Led Growth?

2003 (88 pages/511KB)

No. 9: High-Tech Incubation Systems as Drivers of Innovation: The Case of Central European Transition Countries

2003 (40 pages/773KB)

No. 8: Thailand's Manufacturing Competitiveness: Promoting Technology, Productivity and Linkages

2002 (94 pages/543KB)

No. 7: Women Entrepreneurship Development in Selected African Countries

2001 (36 pages/192KB)

No. 6: Cluster Development and Promotion of Business Development Services (BDS): UNIDO's Experience in India

2000 (43 pages/436KB)

No. 5: Assistance to Industrial SMEs in Vietnam

2000 (59 pages/566KB)

No. 4: Financing of Private Enterprise Development in Africa

1999 (45 pages/366KB)

No. 3: Capacity Building for Private Sector Development in Africa

1999 (34 pages/290KB)

No. 2: SME Cluster and Network Development in Developing Countries: The Experience of UNIDO

1999 (35 pages/320KB)

No. 1: Case Study on the Operation of Three Romanian Business Centres

1999 (36 pages/265KB)

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