CSAE-UNIDO Working Papers

The CSAE-UNIDO Working Papers have been prepared as part of the strategic research partnership between the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE), University of Oxford, and UNIDO. The papers have been produced by the UNIDO Research Fellow at CSAE in co-authorship with staff at the Centre. The partnership between CSAE and UNIDO was established in the fall of 1999 and consists of four components: research, country surveys, seminars and training.

No. 22: Productivity, Exports and Firm Dynamics in Kenya 1999-2002

2004 (32 pages/102KB)

No. 21: Unobserved Heterogeneity and the Relation between Earnings and Firm Size: Evidence from Two Developing Countries

2004 (11 pages/39KB)

No. 20: Wages and Labor Management in African Manufacturing

2004 (52 pages/592KB)

No. 19: Survival and Success among African Manufacturing Firms

2004 (33 pages/501KB)

No. 18: The Dynamics of Returns to Education in Kenyan and Tanzanian Manufacturing

2004 (30 pages/289KB)

No. 17: Openness and Human Capital as Sources of Productivity Growth: An Empirical Investigation

2003 (35 pages/257KB)

No. 16: The Tanzanian Manufacturing Enterprise Survey 2002

2002 (53 pages/380KB)

No. 15: The Ghanaian Manufacturing Enterprise Survey 2000

2002 (55 pages/482KB)

No. 14: Size and Efficiency in African Manufacturing Firms: Evidence from Firm-Level Panel Data

2003 (39 pages/354KB)

No. 13: How Can Policy towards Manufacturing in Africa Reduce Poverty? A Review of the Current Evidence from Cross-Country Firm Studies

2003 (22 pages/307KB)

No. 12: Does Firm Size Really Affect Earnings?

2002 (41 pages/298KB)

No. 11: Do African Manufacturing Firms Learn from Exporting?

2003 (35 pages/304KB)

No. 10: Credit Constraints in Manufacturing Enterprises in Africa

2003 (20 pages/202KB)

No. 9: Are Manufacturing Exports the Key to Economic Success in Africa?

2002 (31 pages/833KB)

No. 8: The Performance of Nigerian Manufacturing Firms: Report on the Nigerian Manufacturing Enterprise Survey 2001

2002 (80 pages/941KB)

No. 7: Constraints and Opportunities in Kenyan Manufacturing: Report on the Kenyan Manufacturing Enterprise Survey 2000

2001 (67 pages/621KB)

No. 6: Are African Manufacturing Firms Really Inefficient? Evidence from Firm-Level Panel Data

2001 (36 pages/274KB)

No. 5: Firm Size and Human Capital as Determinants of Productivity and Earnings

2001 (34 pages/282KB)

No. 4: Can African Manufacturing Firms Become Successful Exporters?

2001 (19 pages/371KB)

No. 3: Managerial Risk Attitudes and Firm Performance in Ghanaian Manufacturing: An Empirical Analysis Based on Experimental Data

2001 (37 pages/274KB)

No. 2: What Drives Manufacturing Exports in Africa? Evidence from Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe

2001 (12 pages/124KB)

No. 1: Skills, Investment and Exports from Manufacturing Firms in Africa

2001 (39 pages/764KB)

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