SIN Working Paper and Discussion Paper Series

Results of economic research conducted in UNIDO's Statistics and Information Networks Branch (presently Research and Statistics Branch) are published in two series of papers: SIN Working Papers present - in full technical detail - findings on growth, structure and location of industry, as well as on trade and finance. SIN Discussion Papers raise - in non-technical fashion - key issues surrounding industry and development. Both series are intended to inform the discussion on industrial development from the viewpoint of economic analysis.

SIN Working Paper Series

No. 7: Productivity, Technology, and Efficiency: an Analysis of the World Technology Frontier When Memory is Infinite

2002 (25 pages/209KB)

No. 6: Factor Endowments and the Distribution of Industrial Production across the World

2002 (38 pages/122KB)

No. 5: The Importance of Informal Finance in Kenyan Manufacturing

2002 (36 pages/105KB)

No. 4: Trade Credit in Kenyan Manufacturing: Evidence from Plant-Level Data

2002 (30 pages/137KB)

No. 3: Access to Formal Finance in Kenyan Manufacturing

2002 (34 pages/200KB)

No. 2: The Importance of Human Capital for the Trade-Growth Link

2002 (25 pages/156KB)

No. 1: Growth in Least Developed Countries: An Empirical Analysis of Productivity Change, 1970-1992

2001 (32 pages/114KB)

SIN Discussion Paper Series

No. 3: Capital, Technology or Efficiency? A Comparative Assessment of Sources of Growth in Industrialized and Developing Countries

2002 (34 pages/96KB)

No. 2: Measuring the Economic Importance of ICT

2001 (23 pages/72KB)

No. 1: Aspects of Marginalization: Growth, Industry and Trade of the Least Developed Countries

2001 (24 pages/96KB)

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