Cooperation Activities

UNIDO’s worldwide programme promotes practical instruments to assist countries and partners, particularly small and medium enterprises,... achieve sustainable development, realize access to knowledge and technologies, and perform well in national as well as international markets.

In China, the Government focuses on UNIDO's neutrality, multilateralism, broad scope, and professionalism to facilitate opportunities for linkages and networking between the public and private sector, organizations, and national and international companies. UNIDO’s long and successful collaboration with the Chinese government through CICETE led to the establishment of 3 UNIDO Partnership Centre programmes in China, focusing on:

  1. investment and technology promotion,
  2. industrial subcontracting and outsourcing and
  3. South-South cooperation.

These programmes are managed by national staff, with the support of UNIDO Headquarters and the UNIDO China Regional Office. These Partnership Centres aim to couple the extensive knowledge of local economic and social stakeholders with the multinational experience of UNIDO. The activities of the Partnership Centres put the necessary knowledge and proven technology at the disposal of national stakeholders so that they can improve and expand their operations both in China and in other countries.

See the details for each of these cooperation programmes undertaken in China:

ITPO Cooperation Centers

UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Offices (ITPOs) are one-stop shops for four services crucial to investment promotion and technology transfer.

SPX Cooperation Centers

UNIDO’s Subcontracting and Partnership Exchanges (SPX) Programme in China operates within the priorities established by the Government and expressed in two main challenges: the continuous opening of the Chinese economy, and the reduction of the social and economic disparities in China.

South-South Cooperation Centers

The potential of South-South cooperation serving as a driver of development effectiveness will need to be exploited in order for developing countries to benefit from each other’s development experiences in facing challenges and seizing opportunities in an internationally competitive environment.

More Cooperation Centers

Other UNIDO partnership centres include the International Center on Small Hydro Power, the International Center for Promotion and Transfer of Solar Energy.