Country Office Viet Nam

General information

UNIDO has been present in Viet Nam since 1978 and providing technical assistance to the Government of Viet Nam in accordance with high international standards. 

As in other country offices, the overall mission of the UNIDO Country Office in Viet Nam is to strengthen Viet Nam's sustainable industrial development and competitiveness. To reach the objective to become a modern industrialized country by 2020, UNIDO's Country Office in Viet Nam is generating new ideas with the Government, business sector, the donor community and some three hundreds technical specialists based at UNIDO's Headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Annual technical assistance delivery of the Office in Hanoi has been one of the highest among the thirty UNIDO offices worldwide. Since its establishment, UNIDO has implemented more than 150 projects in the territory of Viet Nam, with accumulated budgets of approximately USD 88 million at a grant basis (Evaluation report 2012). 

Over the years, the specific focus of UNIDO in Viet Nam has changed accordingly to meet the development needs of the country. 

Contact us

UNIDO Representative: Mr. Patrick Jean GILABERT

72, Ly Thuong Kiet Street

Telephone: +84 4 38224490
FAX: +84 4 39422484
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