Tuesday, 13 December 2011

UNIDO and CITET hold roundtable discussion on how a green economy can bring new jobs to Tunisia

TUNIS, 13 December 2011 - UNIDO and the Tunisian Centre for Technologies and  Environment (CITET), today held a roundtable discussion on how a green economy in Tunisia can bring along new employment opportunities.

The event brought together some 80 participants, including representatives of Government institutions, international organizations, NGOs, and private companies.

“This meeting offered a platform for exchange of experiences, analysis and good practices in the areas of green economy and helped identify sectors in the economy that have a potential for creating new jobs,” said the UNIDO Representative in Tunis, Monica Carco. 

The Director-General of CITET, Moncef Chaâbouni, said he was convinced that green economic development will boost employment particularly among young graduates. 

A representative of the Swiss Embassy in Tunis, Philippe-Olivier Beguin, spoke about the close cooperation between the Swiss Government and UNIDO, including about supporting national institutions dealing with cleaner production, like CITET. He said that making the economy more green meant, among other things, introducing a radical change in the overall production chain as well as in consumption habits, and added that it was everyone’s responsibility to make such changes happen.

The Secretary of State for the Environment, Hamdi Salem, thanked UNIDO and CITET for organizing the meeting. He called for the creation of more green jobs, especially for the young people, as a way to ensure sustainable development.

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Monica Carco
UNIDO Representative in Tunis

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