South Africa

Durban Industry Climate Change Partnership Project

The key outcome of this project is to create a mechanism for Industry in Durban to respond to climate change risks and opportunities. This will be achieved through a sustained partnership of the industrial and public sector in Durban to effectively contribute towards climate change mitigation and adaptation. The project will run from June 2009 to June 2010 and will be implemented by UNIDO in partnership with the Durban Investment Promotion Agency (DIPA), the eThekwini Municipality and the Durban Chamber of Industry.

The project will begin with a mapping exercise that will draw on existing information from various studies and municipal resources. The mapping exercise will provide insight on the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission profile of the city, provide a summary of national and regional policy guidelines for climate change response and provide case studies of mitigation and adaptation actions taken by Industry in Durban. Initial findings from the mapping exercise and the project outline were presented at the Durban Climate Change and Green Business Growth Summits held on the 24th June 2009.  An agreement was signed at this summit with broad-level Industry commitment to participating in climate change response activities in the city.

The following phase of the project will see the establishment of sector specific fora as a structure to engage with industry to facilitate their response to climate change. The phase fora will begin with the develop generic tool kits for industrial CC response activities, including baseline scenario development, carbon foot print calculator and monitoring tools. Sector specific learning fora, will then be held which will include:

  1. GAP analysis
  2. Energy management standard,
  3. Energy system optimization techniques,
  4. Tailored CC Response toolkit,
  5. Technology and renewable energy (RE) opportunities,
  6. Investment opportunities,
  7. Identification of specific industry players where interventions can take place.

During the sector learning fora there will also be video or real time conference presentations on Chinese Climate Change response activities and technologies relevant to industry in Durban and on Durban technologies relevant to China. The project has a strong focus on the exchanges on investment opportunities in climate change response between Durban for Chinese investors.

Key industry experts within each sector will the be identified to refine sector specific toolkits. If needed, individual consultations with key industry stakeholders in each sector will be conducted in order to refine industry specific implementation plans. Over the 12  month period, various facilitation and back-stop support activities as outlined in sector specific and industry specific implementation plans will be implemented.

The findings from learning fora and individual consultation will then be used to develop an operational model for roll-out of sectoral approach to other sectors in the city. 

Sector specific compacts between industry and government will also be developed and endorsed with a view to committing industry to specific GHG reduction targets. 

The third phase of the project will focus on creating the necessary institutional mechanism in industry to actively drive and monitor industry climate change response activities in the city. This will be achieved by working with the ‘Durban Climate Change Partnership’ and organised business to ensure that the relevant institutional structure is established and capable to coordinate the industry climate change response model.

There will also be a strong focus on outreach throughout the  project that will involve webpages and blog development (to be integrated into the durban portal website) and developing linkages with existing climate change outreach activities, such as NBI newsletters and Imagine Durban.

 The project will ultimately result in the establishment of a forum for industry to meet regularly to engage with climate change mitigation and adaptation activities. The forum will facilitate investment and technology transfer between Durban and China and, once established, to regularly meet with the government and other stakeholders.