South Africa

UNIDO SPX (Subcontracting and Partnership eXchange)


The goal of the program is to support South African manufacturing sector by facilitating  linkages between local industrial suppliers and buyer networks. Working with a range of local and national organizations and agencies, UNIDO SPX implementing a framework for the program to achieve scale and impact on the manufacturing sector. 

South African SPX program establishing a network of Regional SPX Centers,
The SPX centers are hosted through private sector associations across the country . Working with major buyers and deploying a range of tools and expertise, each national centre will assist local SMEs to develop their technical and managerial capabilities so that they can become competitive suppliers and sub–contractors to major buyers.

UNIDO SPX— Key Program objectives
The SPX approach builds on global best practice and consists of four activities:

  1. Supplier Profiling
    The Regional UNIDO team will work alongside   key industrial associations to catalogue locally produced products and production capabilities of African manufacturing suppliers. These Supplier profiles will be shared with major buyer networks
  2. Benchmarking
    UNIDO has established a team of Development Specialists to assist suppliers in benchmarking their individual companies. SPX Benchmarking compares the operational performance of a company (its results) and practices (how it does things) against those of other companies in their industry. This enables companies to clearly see where they stand in relation to international practices for their sector
  3. Supplier Capacity Building
     SPX Capacity-building supports the suppliers to meet the requirement through the benchmarking exercise them this helps in formulating investment proposals, mobilizing financing and in identifying technology partners.  The local SPX team will help form linkages to local development agencies. 
  4. Matchmaking
     Within each SPX Centre, a local team, supported by UNIDO, works directly with key industrial buyer networks to identify specific opportunities and then assist in matching with relevant potential suppliers.

Upcoming Events

10th-14th August 2009: The UNIDO SPX Profiling Tool Training
7th-11th September 2009 : The UNIDO Benchmarking Training

Working Group Meetings

3rd September 2009
5th November 2009
7th January 2010

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