Montreal Protocol – Methyl Bromide Alternatives Project

Technology transfer leading to methyl bromide phase-out in soil fumigation


The project objective is to replace methyl Bromide use in Kenya, in line with the requirements of the Montreal Protocol on Persistent Organic Pollutants, POPs.


The project provided assistance for growers to adopt Methyl Bromide (MB) alternatives on farms, including setting up pilots in certain sectors where necessary; procure and deliver material for MB alternatives to the farmers (cut flower, vegetable, fruits and nurseries); training workshop for cut flower and vegetable growers and programme for follow-up training of farmers include alternative techniques related to the cut flower sector; strengthen linkages forged previously between local agricultural companies and other national institutions, and continue work with the contracted fumigator for the application of metam sodium; and monitor ongoing activities in the vegetable/cut flower sectors. The project was initially handled by UNEP and later handed over to UNIDO.

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