What does the new process for the Recruitment and Management of Consultants/Experts look like?

It is now possible to select and recruit consultants/experts in the ERP system following a two-step approval process. Under the new process in the ERP system, a manager can select consultants/experts from a resource pool and initiate an electronic request for recruitment within the system. Once the supervisor has approved the request in the ERP system (4-eyes principle), the system generates a contract without requiring any additional approvals. Furthermore, managers are able to approve payments for the consultants/experts directly in the ERP system. These electronic workflows significantly reduce administrative efforts, empower staff and speed up the recruitment and management of consultants/experts. Furthermore, as the ERP system is globally accessible, managers in the field are also able to recruit consultants/experts through the ERP system following the same process, which contributes greatly to decentralization and empowerment of field staff.



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