Hotel reservations

Participants are requested to make their own hotel reservations. Please note that the information listed in the document below is correct as of 12 September 2013. Updated accommodation information can be found here

List of recommended hotels

The document below shows room prices in various recommended hotels. All prices include breakfast. 

Participants are reminded that only the recommended hotels in this list will offer the security services provided by the Peruvian Government and a shuttle service to the conference venue. Shuttles will bring participants to the Westin Lima Hotel and Convention Center each morning and return them to their hotels in the evening. 

Quoted rates will be honored for reservations made prior to 31 October 2013. Visitors staying a maximum of 60 days in the country are exempt from paying Value Added Tax (VAT) on hotel accommodation (otherwise amounting to 18 per cent). Please present the hotel staff with a valid passport and entry immigration form to receive this exemption. 

Participants are advised that a service charge is applicable. This service charge is included in the rates quoted in the document below.

List of hotels