Known issues using COMFAR III V3.x

  • COMFAR III V3.x might display the following error message when started:

ERROR Bad signature for unido.dat: got "", expected "ND"

workaround: double click in the Windows Explorer the file SAV_10.REG to add a key to the registry of your computer. This registry key informs anti virus software not to scan certain files used by the HASP driver. SAV_10.REG can either be found in the HASPDIAG folder on the COMFAR CD or downloaded from our ftp server. To download right-click the link and select 'Save Link/Target As...' to save the file to the hard disk.

  • COMFAR III V3.x will terminate immediately with an error when started on Vista by a user with administrator rights and activated User Account Control (UAC).

    workaround: right-click the COMFAR icon on the desktop and select 'Run as administrator' from the pop-up menu to start COMFAR.

  • When receiving a 16-bit Subsystem error when running the COMFAR Setup on WinXP with SP2 see Microsoft knowledge base article Q324767

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