Leather and Leather Products Technology Institute (LLPTI)

The Integrated Programme for Private Sector Development and Enhanced Competitiveness places a special emphasis on Textile and Garments, Leather & Leather Products and Food Processing. The challenge is to transform the structure of the economy from dependence in agriculture to industry and services in line with Ethiopia's long-term development strategy, known as Agricultural-Development-Led Industrialization (ADLI).The ultimate goal of the project "Leather and Leather Products Technology Institute (LLPTI)" will be to enhance the capabilities of the Institute to carry out training and deliver services to companies in Ethiopia and possibly in the region, thus ensuring its long-term sustainability but above all assisting the private sector in its competitiveness efforts. The programme is expected to be funded by the Government of Italy and executed by UNIDO in close cooperation with the Government of Ethiopia, LLPTI and the private sector.


Hand made leather bags