UNIDO-Hewlett-Packard (HP) Global Partnership Programme

In May 2008, UNIDO and Hewlett-Packard (HP) launched HP’s Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT, in short the GET-IT programme.

The GET-IT training programme teaches young un- or underemployed people aged 16 to 25 the basics of entrepreneurship with practical hands-on experience in the use of computer technology. The training programme empowers young people to establish and run their own business or to get employed. GET-IT courses teach young people IT solutions for daily business challenges in the areas of management and operations, finance, marketing, communication and technology management.

So far the UNIDO-HP partnership programme has set up 33 GET-IT centres in 10 countries in Africa and the Middle East, certified 143 GET-IT trainers and trained more than 15,000 students. The 10 participating countries include Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda and United Arab Emirates.

The focus of the partnership in 2010-2011 will be on the entrepreneurship and IT training programme LIFE (Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs) which builds on the existing GET-IT training. The LIFE curriculum, accessible online and offline, teaches students and potential and existing entrepreneurs relevant business skills with the use of technology to start, run and sustain a business. Typically, the training is made available through local partners, which are usually non-profit organizations (NPOs) or government agencies that are already active in business or IT training and support micro and small enterprises. Further information about the LIFE programme is available here.

Building on the success of the partnership over the last two years, in 2010-2011 UNIDO and HP plan to strengthen the GET-IT/LIFE programme in Africa and the Middle East and expand it to a global level covering also Asia and Latin America.

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