Organization and staff training

The following recommendation should be taken into account:

  • A Health and Safety Coordinator should assess and control the physical conditions and aptitudes of the employees; they must be physically fit and healthy. For this reason, a pre-employment medical check should be required for all personnel. Physical state of staff members must be taken into account to establish working hours and to estimate exposure times to hazardous substances.

  • Workers exposed to chemical agents must be over 18 years old.

  • Specific protection to especially sensitive workers must be guaranteed.

  • Hygiene facilities should be well maintained.

  • Necessary personal protective equipments (PPE) must be defined in advance.

  • Specific theoretical and practical staff training must be planned in advance and workers should have enough experience to carry out works. Before starting with field works, staff members should be informed about:

  • Supposed and known work site characteristics, nature and characteristics of the existing potential contaminants, as well as its hazard level, exposure ways and effects.

  • Working methods. Clear working methods and correct working time must be established.

  • Safety and evacuation measures.

  • Personnel should promptly report potential hazards, unsafe conditions or unsafe acts to their direct Departmental and/or Field Manager or ultimately the Health and Safety Coordinator.

  • The Health and Safety Coordinator, Departmental and Field Manager are to draft and implement safe work procedures for all work areas minimizing the risk to health, safety and environment. Regular inspections should be carried out to identify potential hazards, unsafe conditions or unsafe acts and appropriate remedial action should be taken.

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