Afghanistan signs Country Programme of Cooperation with UNIDO 2009-2013

The Government of Afghanistan on 16 July signed the Country Programme of Technical Cooperation  ( 2009-2013 ) with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). Titled the “ Country Programme of Technical Cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan : UNIDO Support to UNDAF 2010-2013 – governance, rural livelihoods and basic services”, the document was signed by the Minister of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan Mr. Wahidullah Sharani  in the presence of the UNIDO Representative and Head of the South Asia Regional Office Mr. Philippe Scholtes and the Head of UNIDO operations in Afghanistan Mr. Fakhruddin Azizi.

Based on the Government’s request and the development priorities of Afghanistan, the Country Programme is in line with the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and aims at contributing to poverty reduction and rural development through the creation of a competitive export-oriented agro-industrial sector and improving small-scale private sector development activities. The previous three-year Country Programme between UNIDO and Afghanistan (2005-2008) focussed on two domains of cooperation: promoting a conducive environment for the development of the industrial sector; and direct interventions for poverty alleviation and employment generation.  The UNIDO Country Programme 2009-2013 marks a significant expansion of UNIDO’s operations in Afghanistan with an expected service delivery flow of US $ 6 million per year over the period, on average. The Programme is articulated around the same three components that underpin the UNDAF 2010-2013 to which it will extend targeted support, drawing on virtually the entire spectrum of UNIDO’s expertise – namely, industrial governance, trade capacity building, private sector development, agro-industries, energy and climate change, and environment management.


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