The Integrated Programme in Senegal, Phase II (2004-2008)

A diversified partnership: the conceptualization, implementation and funding of the Integrated Programme, Phase II

The main partnerships were developed in cooperation with the Senegalese government (counterpart) and the private sector (beneficiary) within the framework of Integrated Programme 2 (IP 2).

The following partnerships were initiated by the IP 2 (under the patronage of the national counterpart):

  • Agreement with the French Development Agency (AfD) on the implementation of the first West African industrial upgrading and modernization programme for companies, operationalized by the Industrial Upgrading and Modernization Office in Senegal.
    • The project was implemented in cooperation with representatives of the private sector (Senegal Employers' Association, National Council of Employers, Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Dakar, representatives of financial businesses and banks) and of the environmental sector (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Agency, the governmental counterpart of the project).
  • Agreement with the European Union (EU) on Micro Urban Economic Activities (MAEU) of the Support Programme for Local Urban Development (PADELU) in Senegal:
    • The main tool of the initiative was the Support Project for Small Enterprises in Senegal (PAPES).
    • The project was financed by the Republic of Austria.
    • The agreement reinforced the capacities of the professional organizations through professional associations.
    • The project was executed in full collaboration with:
      • Mayors’ association in Senegal
      • Executive board of public debts and investment
      • PADELU project
    • Close cooperation with the financial decentralized system
    • Leading mutual companies in charge of the execution of the project.
    • International cooperation agency GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit) in charge of the region of Guédiawaye.
    • Agreement with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on the implementation of a pilot project for the Development of Regional and Local Entrepreneurship (PDER) within the framework of sectoral politics of the Ministry of Industry:
      • Partnership was linked to the Chamber of Commerce at regional level
      • Regional Board accommodated the project team on the premises of the Chamber of Commerce in Saint Louis
      • Already at the beginning of the start-up phase, local structures were integrated into the implementation of the project
    •  Agreement in principle with the Luxembourg Cooperation:
      • Sharing of UNIDO/PDER expertise and know-how
      • Integration of young employees, trained in technical training centers to develop value chains of value-added and labor-intensive priority products
    • Contributions to the Accelerated Growth Strategy (SCA), in particular to elaboration of the action plan in cooperation with the Center for Political Development Studies (CEPOD) and the National Agency in charge of Investment Promotion and Public Construction (APIX), at textile and clothing cluster level.
    • Development of environmental projects in Senegal supported by international funds to protect the environment and natural resources under the patronage of the Executive Board of Environment.