Business partnerships and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

UNIDO partnership strategy with development finance institutions

Strategy paper

Global Value Chains, Local Clusters and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Assessment of the Sports Goods Clusters in Sialkot, Pakistan and Jalandhar, India

2009 (109 pages/1.8MB)

CSR Perceptions and Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Seven Geographical Clusters. Survey Report

2008 (72 pages/603KB)

Prevención de la corrupción para fomenter el desarrollo de las pequeñas y medianas empresas

2008 (38 pages/1.5MB)

Corruption Prevention to Foster Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development: Providing Anti-Corruption Assistance to Small Businesses in the Developing World.

2007 (36 pages/452KB)

The UN Global Compact Operational Guide for Medium-Scale Enterprises (50 to 200 Employees)

2007 (19 pages/2.3MB)

Responsible Entrepreneurs Achievement Programme (REAP). UNIDO’s CSR Programme – Reaching out to SMEs Worldwide

2007 (12 pages/0.5MB)

Responsible Trade and Market Access: Opportunities or Obstacles for SMEs In Developing Countries?

2006 (92 pages/413KB)

Commerce responsable et accès aux marchés: opportunités ou obstacles pour les PME dans les pays en développement?

2006 (108 pages/657 KB)

Acceso a los Mercados y Comercio Responsible. ¿Oportunidades u obstáculos para las PYME de los países en desarrollo?

2006 (108 pages/466KB)

Partnerships for Small Enterprise Development. A Joint UNDP-UNIDO Publication

2005 (52 pages/1.2KB)

Sustainable Supply Chains. The Global Compact Case Studies Series

2005 (90 pages/1.1MB)

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Development Agenda: Should SMEs Care?

2004 (30 pages/991KB)

Survey of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Global Compact

2004 (55 pages/0.5MB)

Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications for Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries

2002 (90 pages/1.1MB)

Integrating SMEs in Global Value Chains: Towards Partnership for Development

2001 (94 pages/967KB)

Industry at the Edge. Electronic and Mobile Business for Industrial Development

2000 (82 pages/316KB)

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