Entrepreneurship for Creative Industries, Egypt

Egypt’s archeological and cultural heritage is unique in its wealth and abundance. However, efforts must be continued to support the Government’s preservation and sustainable development of the country’s historical assets and antiquities. Given the significance of this UNESCO World Heritage site to both Egypt and the world’s cultural heritage, this joint programme will seek to effectively ensure that the intervention is fully amalgamated into the Memphite Necropolis Management Plan, as delineated by Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities in coordination with UNESCO and its World Heritage Centre. To ensure effective national ownership and participation at the community level, the area surrounding the Dahshur component of Memphis and its Necropolis has been incorporated into the intervention. This component of the joint programme focuses on improving the livelihoods and working conditions of the local population through targeted employment-generation activities, with special focus given to women’s and youth employment, as well as the development of locally driven Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).  Additionally, the joint programme would target the preservation of Dahshur seasonal Lake, a unique natural asset within the surrounding community, through coordinated efforts to ensure that the seasonal lake is preserved in its natural state through community-owned conservation. UNIDO’s technical assistance will focus on providing technical services and training for entrepreneurship development and support of creative and traditionally present industries with a view towards addressing poverty alleviation and creating self-employment.

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