Safety and hygiene materials

The main objective of safety and hygiene materials and equipments is to provide protection and/or isolation against physical, chemical or biological hazards that can appear at every contaminated site during investigation. Principally two protection levels are determined:

  • Collective protection

  • Personal protection (PPE-Personal Protective Equipments)

In general, PPE must be appropriate for specific site conditions, type of pollutants and contamination levels. Furthermore, selected PPE must fulfill legal and statutory requirements and fit to workers using them. A spare set of PPE should be available for workers.

Use, storage, maintenance, cleaning, repair and disposal of protection equipments should follow manufacturer’s and provider’s recommendations and instructions. PPE’s must be cleaned and inspected regularly in order to avoid reduction of the required protection level. Moreover, PPE’s are designed for personal use. If they are used by several staff members necessary cleaning measures have to be taken.

PPE use conditions, particularly regarding wearing time depend on the risk seriousness, exposure frequency or time, conditions of specific working posts, characteristics of protection equipment, etc.

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