RENPAP projects

RENPAP (Regional Network on Safe Pesticide Production and Information for Asia and the Pacific) is a network to facilitate the efforts directed towards the elimination of POPs. RENPAP consists of 15 countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, P.R. China, India, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam) under the umbrella of UNDP and, with an increasing role, UNIDO. Also see RENPAP Forums.

Plenty of projects have been established within this framework. Some of them will be described here shortly to give an insight of RENPAP's historical efforts.

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POPs Waste Training Tool

This tool provides firsthand information on many aspects regarding the Stockholm Convention and linked activities. It is provided by the official website of the Stockholm Convention.

POPs Waste Training Tool, English version. Requires Adobe Flash Player (Download).


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