What is PCOR?

The Programme for Change and Organizational Renewal (PCOR) was an organization-wide change initiative carried out from 2010 to 2013 to make UNIDO “fit for the future”. The Programme looked at ways to further improve UNIDO’s role as a partner for prosperity, as outlined in UNIDO’s Mission Statement, by better delivering to recipients’ needs, better meeting donors’ and Member States’ expectations, and enhancing an efficient and pro-active working environment. The programme was based on the Leading Change and Organizational Renewal (LCOR) congruence model which ensures that all aspects of the change — business processes and formal organization as well as people and culture — are addressed in a systematic and holistic manner. Steps taken include a reengineering of the Organization's business processes and the introduction of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Throughout the process, UNIDO has taken care to address the institutionalization of results-based management, risk and knowledge management as well as staff development and improvements in the working culture.

Change at UNIDO is however still at focus throughout 2014 and carried on in the post-PCOR era. Following the closure of PCOR in December 2013, UNIDO is currently taking measures to carry on the change momentum, continue to fine-tune and improve the SAP system in line with business requirements and continue to adopt the “new way of working”. This included the establishment of a Business and Systems Support Services (BSS) unit in January 2014. BSS is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing business and systems changes, continuous improvements, optimizing processes to ensure a functioning and integrated ERP solution, thus contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Organization. Additionally, BSS will ensure from an operational and technical perspective that these are addressed in the ERP solution in an integrated, systematic and cost-effective manner following best practices.


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