Speeches of the Director-General in 2007

Building Productive Capacities for Trade Competitiveness: Economic Partnership Agreements

UNIDO is a leader in providing trade capacity building. We have a long track record in implementing programmes for improving the competitiveness of industrial enterprises

Arab Regional Round Table

The role of manufacturing industries in the economic diversification process of the Arab countries is an essential force for sustainable industrial development

12th Session of the General Conference

Reinforcing existing and forging new partnerships has been one of my key priorities throughout the last two years. Within the UN system, we have built new alliances around a number of thematic clusters and joint programmes

Conference on Peace and Security in West Africa

Women make a vital contribution to industrial output. It is estimated that over 200 million women are employed across all industry sectors, with half of this number in developing countries

Second UNIDO Technology Foresight Summit

I have had many opportunities to express my vision for “green” industrialdevelopment. This is one where economic and environmental objectives reinforceone another

Extraordinary Conference of African Ministers of Industry

We believe that Africa, like Asia and Latin America, has a great potential to be one of the main suppliers of bio-fuels to the rest of the world

33rd Session of the Industrial Development Board

Through our environment and energy related programmes we are in a strong position to support him in this regard, and I have already written to him to inform him of the various contributions that UNIDO is making in this field

23rd Session of the Programme and Budget Committee

As I welcome you to this session of the PBC to discuss a variety of importantprogrammatic and financial issues, I am pleased to be able to inform you at the outset that our Organization has continued to perform well during the past year and faces bright prospects for the future

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