Site investigation and monitoring

This chapter includes technical specifications in order to perform an environmental site assessment, during which original samples of soil, groundwater or building materials (if required) are collected to analyze quantitative values of various contaminants. This investigation is normally undertaken when the preliminary site investigation determines a likelihood of site contamination. For this reason, the scope of this detailed investigation, and therefore the collection of data, depends on the results of the first investigation phase as well as the requirements for the data, which are to be used in connection with the subsequent risk assessment. Generally, this phase of investigation will involve mainly:

  • Soil-gas analysis, if applicable

  • Geophysical measurements, if applicable

  • Drilling of soil borings and installation of monitoring wells

  • Soil and water sampling activities

  • Methods of analysis

Furthermore, monitoring of soil and groundwater contamination will be presented, both by means of monitoring wells or computer based modelling programs.

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