Contaminated sites

UNIDO provides wide knowledge and experience in dealing with contaminated sites. This site should support and summarize all efforts undertaken related to POPs contaminated sites. All relevant project data and information will be compiled under this section.

This page has been created as a result of a cooperation between the UNIDO and the Geo-environmental Research Centre (GRC) of the University of Cardiff, Wales. The GUDISS (GRC- UNIDO Decision Support System for Persistent Organic Pollutants) platform is the result of these efforts, its main purpose is to provide a central repository on all POPs related knowledge. Special importance has been given to e-learning efforts in regards to the handling of contaminated sites.

Decision Making Tree

As being part of the GUDISS approach, the principal aim of this section is to introduce the first stage of an overall decision support framework regarding the handling of possibly POPs contaminated sites.

Case Studies

The co-operation with the GRC gives UNIDO the unique opportunity to evaluate several case studies on the remediation and handling of contaminated sites.

POPs Waste Training Tool

This tool provides firsthand information on many aspects regarding the Stockholm Convention and linked activities. It is provided by the official website of the Stockholm Convention.

POPs Waste Training Tool, English version.                                                   Requires Adobe Flash Player (Download).



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