How is Knowledge Management implemented at UNIDO?

To ensure a strategic approach to the topic of Knowledge Management, an analysis of UNIDO's KM situation had been carried out prior to the system implementation, involving staff from all parts of the Organization. The analysis took into account previous work that had been carried out, for instance an intellectual capital report for UNIDO. Based on that, a Knowledge Management strategy, including a number of recommendations, was developed.

The new Knowledge Management and Collaboration (KMC) solution implemented in the ERP system is a user-friendly and comprehensive tool. The solution is fully integrated with the ERP system and shall enable, among others, powerful search capabilities and documents sharing, and further integration of processes. 

The KMC solution represents the new knowledge/document management system for the entire Organization. The global accessibility of the system and its contents contributes to organization-wide knowledge sharing and better collaboration among various organizational units as well as between Headquarters and the field. It also allows for a more effective involvement of field staff in TC activities at all stages of the project cycle - from project identification, design, implementation to assessment and monitoring and shall enable UNIDO to become a truly knowledge-based Organization.

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