Chemical formula C10H10Cl8  (average; includes components with 6 to 9 chlorines)
CAS chemical name Toxaphene
CAS number 8001-35-2
U.S. EPA PC Code 080501
CA DPR Chem Code 594
Molecular mass 414 g/mole [average]
Density 1.63 g/cm³
Melting point 65-90 °C
Boiling point >120 °C [decomposes]
Soil sorption coefficient log Koc  =  2.47-5.00
Octanol/Water Partition log Kow  =  3.23-5.50
Solubility in water Sw  = 550 μg/l  at 20°C
Vapour pressure 0.2 - 0.4 mm Hg at 25 C
Henry’s law coefficient KH =  0.005 - 0.21  atm-m3/mol
Physical Yellow, waxy solid with a chlorine/terpene-like odour
Trade Names/Synonyms Alltex, Alltox, Attac 4-2, Attac 4-4, Attac 6, Attac 6-3, Attac 8, Camphechlor, Camphochlor, Camphoclor, Chemphene M5055, chlorinated camphene, Chloro-camphene, Clor chem T-590, Compound 3956, Huilex, Kamfochlor, Melipax, Motox, Octachlorocamphene, Penphene, Phenacide, Phenatox, Phenphane, Polychlorocamphene, Strobane-T, Strobane T-90, Texadust, Toxakil, Toxon 63, Toxyphen, Vertac 90%
Formulation Types

Solutions in xylene or oil; wettable powders; dusts; granules; emulsifiable concentrates; baits;

2:1 toxaphene: DDT emulsions and/or dusts

Structure formula of Toxaphene

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