Pure DDT is categorized by the World Health Organization as Class II moderately hazardous. Formulations containing DDT in concentration below 200 g/kg for solids and 500 g/l for liquids are categorized as Class III. The U.S. EPA Acute Toxicity Rankings classified DDT formulations as a Category 3, slightly tonic.

According to studied mammalian species, DDT is moderately to slightly toxic via the oral route and is less toxic to test animals exposed via the skin.

Acute toxicity of DDT to mammals
SpeciesFormulationOral (mg/kg)Dermal (mg/kg)
Ratoil solution113-450250-3000
Mouseoil solution100-800 250-500
Guinea Pigoil solution250-560100
Rabbitoil solution300-1770 300-2820

Structure formula of DDT

3D structure of DDT

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