Establishing CSR Platforms: bringing together public and private sector stakeholders

UNIDO supports governments to establish multi-stakeholder platforms (PPP), bringing together dedicated national authorities, local government offices, private sector representatives (including chambers of commerce and business associations) and other local institutions (e.g. NGOs, vocational training institutions, or universities), with the objective to:

  • Discuss CSR related issues, allowing businesses, in particular SMEs, to articulate support requirements, and target areas that impede their growth;
  • Discuss general public policy goals (in the field of poverty reduction, employment creation, good governance, gender issues, or natural resource management) to explore to what extend the private sector, and in particular SMEs, could make a contribution to the achievement of the goals envisaged in those strategies; and
  • Explore areas of potential private-public sector cooperation (PPPs) to promote CSR across industrial sectors.
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