Metrology and Calibration

Manufacturing  enterprises and testing laboratories in Pakistan need reliable and credible sources to calibrate the instruments used to measure, produce and test export products. Hence, UNIDO under TRTA programme initiated, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan, various activities to build the capacities of the National Physical and Standards Laboratory (NPSL), which is the custodian of the national physical standards of measurement in Pakistan.

The support provided to NPSL by TRTA/UNIDO included:

  • The building modification work required at NPSL was assessed and the physical layout of work space in each metrology laboratory was established.
  • The conceptual designs for environmental conditioning system (ECS) of NPSL metrology laboratories for mass, dimensional, volume, pressure, temperature and electrical quantities including the TOR for the ECS were developed.
  • The installation of the environmental conditioning system (ECS) was completed and the six NPSL metrology laboratories complying with international good practices were commissioned.
  • A list of initial metrology equipment needed by NPSL was compiled in respect of the metrological quantities and measurement laboratories required for upgradation.
  • E1 Class Weights (national reference standard for mass) and state-of-the-art Mass Comparator were procured and supplied to NPSL.
  • The quality documentation of NPSL were reviewed and presentations on quality issues were given to NPSL technical staff.
  • Skills development of senior management staff of NPSL through study tours abroad to acquaint them with ECS and operations of other metrology institutes in developing and developed economies.