Standardization and Certification

Standards create common understanding and criteria on products and processes facilitating trade relations. In Pakistan, overall responsibility of standard setting and certification lies with the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). The capacity building support provided to PSQCA under TRTA/UNIDO programme included:

  • Technical advice in establishing a Consumer Liaison Office at PSQCA with a view to enhancing the participation of consumers in standards setting, comparative product testing and market surveillance.
  • Technical advice in strengthening standardization and product certification activities of PSQCA and development of its business plan.
  • Support in establishing a National Enquiry Point (NEP) on standards and technical regulations at PSQCA enabling it to function as WTO national notifying body on standards and related subjects.
  • Support in enhancement of PSQCA to participate expeditiously and effectively in international standardization work through development of the IT infrastructure of PSQCA and its linkage with the ISO system for online access to ISO work and information system.
  • Technical support in establishment and operation of a System Certification Center (SCC) at PSQCA.
  • Skills development of management and technical staff of PSQCA through foreign training and study tours abroad.