Publications of special interest to the Southern African region

Africa@Risk 2008

Food security, geopolitical instability, economic shocks and climate change are among top risks facing Africa, according to a new report released at the World Economic Forum on Africa

IDR 2005

IDR 2005, entitled Capability building for catching-up: Historical, empirical and policy dimensions, devotes a special section to assess lessons learned from catching-up experiences throughout modern history. From these experiences it draws a framework for operational policy analysis as well as a methodology for the assessment of capability building needs, thus filling a gap in the current understanding of economic development. The Report also includes a section monitoring and assessing global industrial trends, following the tradition of previous reports. IDR 2004 details Industrialization, Environment and the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa, while IDR 2002/2003 focuses on Competing through Innovation and Learning.

2005 Africa Foreign Investor Survey Report

This report sheds new light on the nature and dynamics of foreign direct investment (FDI) in sub-Saharan Africa by countries from the South and provides countries with a basis for better strategies to attract FDI. Released at the third meeting of the Africa Investment Promotion Agencies Network (AfrIPANet), it has deepened the understanding of the nature of different investor types and their impact on the host economies. The report is the third in a series of bi-annual surveys and covered more than 1200 foreign firms in the 15 participating countries