Capacity building for the rehabilitation of the food industry in Angola

Angola has implemented initiatives for recovery and rehabilitation of the manufacturing industry and the development of the private sector after the war period, to fit within the market-oriented Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and the globalized world market.
This project is intended to assist the country by building national capacity and capabilities for competitiveness to strengthen employment generation in the food industry.

More specifically, the project will provide support to:

  • Establish a reliable food safety system including food inspection and quality control and HACCP-based food safety assurance;
  • Strengthen and develop the infrastructure including standardization and metrology, quality management, quality assurance and ISO 9000;
  • Strengthen the capacity of the national support institutions and expertise to provide appropriate services in rehabilitation and upgrading of the food industry Micro and small-scale food processing will be able to use alternative energies, produce cheap products for the local market with possible export opportunities and contribute to income generation and job creation with focus on women.