Phase-out of methyl bromide in fumigation of grain storage facilities

Zimbabwe is an important consumer of methyl bromide in Africa, particularly for soil fumigation and for grain storage facilities. Methyl Bromide is an effective and efficient chemical used to fumigate grain storage facilities thus protecting the quality of grain from various pests.
Government of Zimbabwe, working through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, has undertaken to phase-out the use of methyl bromide in fumigating grain storage facilities.
This project will enable the Grain Marketing Board (GMB), a public sector company, to replace the use of methyl bromide with other environment friendly substitutes. The GMB will also be provided fumigation and testing equipment and its personnel involved in handling grain storage will be trained in handling hazardous fumigation chemicals.
As a result, the Government of Zimbabwe will fulfil its Montreal Protocol obligations with regard to phasing-out methyl bromide, well before the 2015 deadline.