Durban, South Africa, 24-28 October 2008

The Conference of African Ministers of Industry (CAMI) took place between 24 and 28 October 2008 in Johannesburg South Africa.

The agenda included:

  • Experts Meeting - Discussion of draft AU implementation Strategy for further consideration by Ministers, as well as senior officials of industry from 53 African countries; AU, UNIDO, UNECA, NEPAD, AfDB, and World Bank.
  • AfriPANet Meeting - part of a series of meetings of African Investment Promotion Agencies held every two years. It will be running in parallel with the Expert group meeting and will include senior officials from African Investment Promotion Agencies.
  • Review of Africa's Industrialization Strategy by UNIDO, AU, UNECA, NEPAD, AfDB and UNIDO-invited CEOs.
  • AS/UNIDO CEO Forum including the following Roundtables:
    •  Roundtable 1: Private Sector Perspectives on Africa's industrial Transformation and Competitiveness Strategy.
    • Roundtable 2: Supply Chain Development in Africa: business partnerships for supply chain development; financing for supply chain development.
    • Roundtable 3: Agribusiness and Food Security: investment opportunities; sectoral regulatory issues.

For more information, pelase contact the UNIDO Regional Office in South Africa on (Tel) +27 12 394 5463 or e-mail.