Photo Gallery

Reducing Mercury Hazards on health and environment among small-scale miners - Geita
Artisanal sluicing of ground ore in small-scale mining
Mercury amalgamation in small-scale gold mining
Mercury Retort for small-scale mining
Community workshop on small-scale gold mining
Enhancing the capacities of the Tanzanian quality infrastructure
and TBT/SPS compliance system for trade - Dar es Salaam
Metrology Laboratory at Tanzania Bureau of Standards
Chemical Laboratory at Tanzania Bureau of Standards
Revitalisation of the Kilimanjaro industrial development trust - Moshi
Small-scale sawmilling activities - Moshi
Briquette pilot plant – KIDT, Moshi
Small-scale ceramics production – KIDT, Moshi
Small-scale foundry for spare parts manufacture – KIDT, Moshi
Women entrepreneurship programme in food processing - Dar es Salaam and other regions
Banana fruit-peeling and preparation for processing
Fruit preparatory processing activities
Small-scale Banana-fruit wine making and bottling operation
Sorting of peanuts for paste and butter processing
Small-scale jam-making
Preparation of code of practice for fish processing industry and manual for fish inspection
Lake Victoria
Cleaning and handling operations at fish processing factory
Packaging unit at fish processing factory
Handling and storage operations at fish factory
Leather training and production centers - Dar es Salaam and Morogoro
Small-scale leather shoe production
Small-scale leather goods training and production
Leather training and production center
Leather training and production center
Leather training and production center
Electricity, Heat and Fertilizer from Sisal- Biogas and Waste

Micro Hydro Power Scheme at Kinko Village