Career Development

The YPs will be mentored by a senior colleague who will normally be from the division to which they are assigned. The mentor will provide guidance to the YPs on a regular basis on technical and behavioral issues. For the YPs this will be an opportunity to build a professional relationship with an experienced senior staff member. The mentor will be nominated personally by the managing director of the division concerned.

The performance of the YPs will be carefully monitored and their performance and conduct will be reviewed as follows:

(a) All appointments under the YPP will be subject to a period of probationary service covering the first twelve months of the appointment. At the end of the one-year probationary period the performance and conduct of the YPs will be assessed and a performance appraisal report prepared to determine the YP’s suitability for continuation of service under the YPP. In case of unsatisfactory service the appointment of a YP will be terminated.

(b) Four months prior to the expiration of the three years’ appointment a comprehensive evaluation of the YP’s performance and conduct will be undertaken. When the performance and conduct have been satisfactory, the YP’s appointment will be confirmed and extended under the existing policy on extension of fixed-term appointments and the YP will be granted the P-2 level of the United Nations Salary Scale. Subsequent promotions will be subject to existing provisions of UNIDO's Staff Rules.