Women’s empowerment and gender equality

The Joint Programme on Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality will contribute towards building the capacity of the government and partners from civil society (CSO) to advocate gender sensitive legislation and disseminate information on women's rights; support national efforts to fulfill commitments made to women on the national agenda; enhance economic empowerment of women through enterprise development and access to credit; increase women and girl's access to basic education; and contribute to the elimination of gender-based violence.
The project will be implemented in direct collaboration with government and specific CSOs to strengthen their capacity to develop, plan and implement government's gender policies and alleviate poverty while striving to meet the MDGs.
The Programme will strengthen institutional capacity through the provision of joint and systematic training, M&E and reporting on progress in order to learn from good practices, complement government efforts based on UN's comparative advantages, joining efforts and mobilizing the necessary resources for a common goal.
The programme targets selected provinces in the north, centre and south of Mozambique.