Recycling Processing Centre Project – Dar es Salaam

Introduction and Background

In collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Marketing, TIRDO and various stakeholders in the waste recycling sector, UNIDO has established a small demonstration centre for the recycling of plastic wastes situated within the premises of TIRDO. This activity has been undertaken within the framework of UNIDO’s thematic area of Energy and Environment and the Integrated Industrial Development Programme for Tanzania. Some of the main stakeholders for the project are: Division of Environment-VPO, Dar es Salaam City council with its respective Municipal Solid Waste Departments, Recycling Entrepreneurs, NGOs and CBOs involved in waste collection and recycling, plastics Industries.

Main objectives of the Recycling Processing Centre (RPC)

Recycling has been used in different parts of the world as a means to better manage resources and reduce costs and the impact of waste materials on the environment. In Tanzania, the recycling of plastics has been chosen as an appropriate way

  • Demonstrate the potential for lessening the impact of waste plastics on the environment
  • Reducing operational and production costs for the plastics industry
  • Creating income generation and employment opportunities within the labour-intensive urban recycling sector through economic linkages with processing facilities.

The Recycling Processing Centre: Main Components

  • A shredder used for breaking down rigid plastic items into small "flakes"
  • An agglomerator used for converting soft plastic sheets into a crumb-like consistency or "crumbs"
  • An extruder-pelletizer machine which can convert both flakes and crumbs into pellets using heat, an extruder and a pelletizing unit
Future activities

The Recycling Processing Centre has played a vital role in sensitizing various groups and industries to the potential and opportunities in the sector. In particular, in Dar es Salaam there is now a thriving private sector-led recycling sector network in which plastics companies are forging numerous mutually-beneficial partnerships with small recycling operators in micro supply-chain linkages.

The aim now is to revitalize the plant and transfer it to national stakeholders for management and replication.