The Integrated Programme

The Integrated Programme (IP) is the political and technical reference framework for UNIDO’s activities in Senegal.

Wealth creation is most important for the country’s emerging economy. To continue to grow, Senegal needs a productive, diversified and competitive industrial tissue, which consists of modern export-oriented companies and numerous micro and small enterprises.

After its initial implementation phase (2000 - 2003), the IP consolidated its activities in IP2 (2004-2008). Its activities were defined around:

  • The international priorities (MDGs)
  • The regional priorities (NEPAD and APCI)
  • The national priorities (private sector development and industrial redeployment policies)
  • The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

Decision-makers are now rediscovering the fundamental importance of the productive sectors, in particular of industry, which are very important to answer the population’s basic needs as well as to allow for a balanced integration of the national outputs in today's globalized economy.

UNIDO, and in particular its office in Dakar, coordinates the implementation of the Integrated Programme by:

  • Mobilizing funds and resources
  • Establishing productive partnerships
  • Serving as an example for economic integration in West Africa.
UNIDO Office in Senegal

The UNIDO Office in Senegal covers five countries: Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania and Senegal. The Integrated Programme (IP) in Senegal (phase 2: 2004-2008) serves as a cooperation framework between UNIDO and the involved national parties. The Ministry of Industry acts as the interface between the Senegalese Government and UNIDO, strongly tying with the private sector.


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