• April and August 2008: Three workshops on the environmental tools to be implemented by the CMPP in order to follow up on the activities of the enterprises - El Jadida, Agadir and Casablanca.
  • April, September and November 2008: Three seminars on the cleaner production are organised for national experts and enterprise managers by the CMPP. Presentations and discussions will evolve around cleaner production strategies in different sectors, the national Cleaner Production Center in Morocco (CMPP) and the advantages related to the cleaner production.
  • 3-5 September 2008 - Promotion of the 1st Beauty Care Mediterranean Congress in Marseille. All the Moroccan enterprises interested in participating in this event can contact the IPU. For more information, please see the COSMED website.
  • May, June, September, and December 2008: Training sessions organised by the CMPP on the clean production tools, Energy efficiency, water and waste management, funding mechanism and ISO 14001.