UNIDO in the Islamic Republic of Iran

The UNIDO Country Office in the Islamic Republic of Iran was established in 1999 to support the Government of Iran and its institutions toward a sustainable industrial development.

This office provide its assistance to all ministries, Governmental bodies, research institutes, civil society and the private sector associated with the industrial sector and in the areas of sustainable development and environmental protection.

UNIDO is a specialized agency of the United Nations and its mandate is to promote and accelerate sustainable industrial development in developing countries and economies in transition. As for the nature of Iranian industrial infrastructure, the services provided by the UNIDO’s office in Iran focus on energy efficiency, cleaner production and resources efficiency, small and medium enterprises development, trade capacity; addressing the impact of industrial activities on the environment and their environmental sustainability.

UNIDO’s services are based on two core functions, as a global forum, we generate and disseminate industry-related knowledge; as a technical cooperation agency, we provide technical support and implement projects. UNIDO is an implementing agency of various international conventions, including the GEF (Global Environmental Facility) and the Multilateral Fund for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

Some of the UNIDO projects implemented in Iran are:

  • Industrial clustering project;
  • Modernization of dates processing and packaging;
  • Capacity building and technology management at enterprise level;
  • National strategy for energy efficiency and conservation; and
  • Montreal Protocol Projects, for to the elimination of ozone depleting substances (ODS) in different sectors such as:
  • Elimination of methyl bromide in agriculture,
  • Elimination of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons), as propellants, in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Elimination of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons), as refrigerant and blowing agent, in the refrigeration and Polyurethane foam sectors.
  • Elimination of HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon), as refrigerant and blowing agent, in the refrigeration and Polyurethane foam sectors.

It is worth mentioning that one of the unique tools developed by UNIDO is the Computer Model for Feasibility Analysis and Reporting (COMFAR). COMFAR III is a valuable aid for the analysis of investment projects. COMFAR III packages can be ordered in Iran through UNIDO Field Office in Tehran. See also: