The Republic of Mauritius, which is part of the Mascarene Islands, has 1 241 000 inhabitants for a surface of 2 040 km2

This country moved from a low incomes country to an emergent country in forty years. The economy had an annual growth of about 5% to 6% during this period. This result comes from an improvement of the life expectancy, a fall of the infant mortality rate and a significant development of the infrastructures.

Sugarcane represents 90 % of the cultivated surface and 25 % of export incomes. It is a major component of the Mauritian economy. However the development strategy of the country emphasizes foreign investments. Additionally the results of rising tourism sector are very good and permit job creation. The island counts 99 hostels and welcomed 788 000 tourists in 2006.

Finally, Mauritian Government builds on the development of industries related to information and communication technologies.