Development of Industrial Clusters and Networks, Export Consortia

Adding Value to Traditional Products of Regional Origin: A Guide to Creating a Quality Consortium

2010 (79 pages/1.6MB)

La valorización de los productos tradicionales de origen: Guía para la creación de un consorcio de calidad

2010 (85 pages/1.7MB)

Cluster Development for Pro-Poor Growth: the UNIDO Approach

2010 (32 pages/0.8MB)

The Strategic Management of Export Consortia: An Analysis of the Experience of UNIDO in Morocco, Peru, Tunisia and Uruguay

2009 (139 pages/2.3MB)

Global Value Chains, Local Clusters and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Assessment of the Sports Goods Clusters in Sialkot, Pakistan and Jalandhar, India

2009 (109 pages/1.8MB)

Better Access to Growth: Mainstreaming Gender in Cluster Development.

2007 (59 pages/613KB)

Export Consortia: A Tool to Increase SME Exports

2005 (6 pages/0.7MB)

Les consortiums d’exportation: Un outil pour la promotion des exportations des PME

2005 (6 pages/0.7MB)

Los consorcios de exportación: Un instrumento para fomentar las exportaciones de las PYME

2005 (6 pages/0.7MB)

Combining Strengths: Synergies between Cluster Development and Microfinance

2005 (62 pages/1.3Mb)

Methodology: Development of SME Supplier Networks. Abridged Version

2005 (58 pages/1.4MB)

Metodología: Desarrollo de Redes de Abastecimiento de la PYME. Resumen

2005 (56 pages/1.2MB)

Industrial Clusters and Poverty Reduction

2004 (67 pages/834KB)

Systèmes productifs locaux et réduction de la pauvreté

2004 (84 pages/1.1MB)

A Guide to Export Consortia

2003 (75 pages/318KB)

Guide sur les consortiums d'exportations

2003 (80 pages/545KB)

Guía de los consorcios de exportación

2003 (78 pages/548KB)

Report on the Expert Group Meeting on Cluster and Network Development with Special Emphasis on Monitoring and Evaluation Issues

2003 (44 pages/1.8MB)

Development of Clusters and Networks of SMEs: The UNIDO Programme

2001 (36 pages/2.4MB)

Industrial clusters and poverty reduction

A study addressing the relationship between industrial clusters and poverty and seeking to develop a methodology for poverty and social impact assessment of cluster development initiatives.

Better access to growth

Mainstreaming gender in cluster development.

Combining strengths

Synergies between cluster development and microfinance.

SME networks and cluster development in developing countries

A review of UNIDO technical assistance programme for SME networks.

Expert group meeting on cluster and network development.

A review of the UNIDO programme with special emphasis on monitoring and evaluation issues.

Cluster development and BDS promotion: UNIDO experience in India

Business services for small enterprises in Asia: developing markets and measuring performance.

Industrial clusters and networks

Case studies of SME growth and innovation.

Principles for promoting clusters and networks of SMEs

A review of international experience in public policy for SME support.

Real service centers in Italian industrial districts

Lessons learned from a comparative analysis.

Supporting underperforming clusters in developing countries

Lessons and policy recommendations from the UNIDO cluster programme in India.

The Italian SME experience and possible lessons for developing countries.

Développement des systèmes productifs locaux et des réseaux de PME: Un programme de l'ONUDI

2001 (32 pages/1.8MB)

Desarrollo de conglomerados y redes de PYME: Un programa de la ONUDI

2001 (32 pages/1.7MB)

Promoting Enterprise through Networked Regional Development

2000 (9 pages/56KB)

Le développement régional en réseau au service de l'entreprise

2000 (10 pages/60KB)

Promoción de las empresas mediante el establecimiento de redes de desarrollo regionales

2000 (10 pages/220KB)

Cluster Development and Promotion of Business Development Services (BDS): UNIDO's Experience in India

2000 (43 pages/436KB)

SME Cluster and Network Development in Developing Countries: The Experience of UNIDO

1999 (35 pages/320KB)

Principles for Promoting Clusters & Networks of SMEs

1995 (39 pages/153KB)

Support Systems for SMEs in Developing Countries. A Review

1996 (42 pages/149KB)

Industrial Clusters and Networks: Case Studies of SME Growth And Innovation

1995 (78 pages/490KB)

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