Food Industry

Guide de traçabilité de l’huile d’olive (OLEOTrace)

2007 (67 pages/2.2MB)

Guide de traçabilité des figues et des prunes (Tracefruitsec)

2007 (39 pages/3.1MB)

Guide du producteur de l’huile d’olive

2007 (36 pages/1.4MB)

Food Processing Pilot Centres – An Approach to Productive Capacity-Building for Trade and Poverty Alleviation in Africa

2007 (28 pages/308KB)

Guide du sécheur de prunes

2005 (28 pages/1.8MB)

Guide du sécheur de figues

2005 (28 pages/1.6MB)

Guide du constructeur du séchoir hybride

2005 (27 pages/2.1MB)

Small-scale Cereal Milling and Bakery Products

2004 (112 pages/1.3MB)

Small-scale Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Products

2004 (107 pages/1.1MB)

Small-scale Root Crops and Tubers Processing and Products

2004 (93 pages/1.1MB)

Tahineh and Halaweh: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

2003 (43 pages/1.3MB)

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